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From Italy to South Wales, award winning ice cream since 1922
And so the story begins...
Sidolis Story

The Italians revel in their claim to making the finest ice cream in the world, often using traditional and secret methods handed down through the ages.


Their inventiveness in creating new flavours and delicacies is unrivalled, making Italian ice cream the envy of manufacturers all around the world. Drawing on such heritage, Sidoli's consistently endeavour to achieve high standards throughout the whole of its product range.

With over eighty years of experience the company has been the recipient of National Awards for its ice cream making. Much of this success is due to the family run nature of the firm.


The foundations were laid by Benedetto Sidoli in the early part of the 20th century, who started the company after emigrating from Bardi in Italy. He brought with him many of the traditional recipes which the firm continues to use today.

Much of the early trading was to local businesses located throughout the South Wales Valleys. Today, Sidolis is recognised by it’s excellent quality Italian Style ice cream.


Whilst tradition has played an important role in shaping the business, the company has fully embraced modern management and marketing methods essential to it’s success in a highly competitive industry.

The business developed and expanded under the management of Benedetto's two sons Terry and Raymond and now Mark Sidoli develops and guides this excellent brand into the 21st century and has a popular reputation throughout South & West Wales.

Producing the high quality Ice Cream from fresh local produce, Sidoli’s has an unrivalled taste to it’s real dairy ice cream.