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Real dairy ice creams sundaes, with a little Italian magic!

Our Sundaes

Sidolis Mint Chocolate Sundae
Rich chocolate sauce rippled through refreshing smooth cool mint real dairy ice cream.
Sidolis Chocolate Sundae
A true favourite. Rich chocolate sauce swirled through creamy real dairy ice cream.
Sidolis Turkish Delight Sundae
A touch of eastern promise. Real dairy ice cream layered with flakes of chocolate.
Sidolis Wildberry Sunde
The taste of summer. Fruity Wildberry sauce swirled through creamy real dairy ice cream.
Sidolis Raspberry Sundae
Real dairy ice cream rippled with luscious raspberry sauce.
Sidolis Strawberry Sundae
This is a real fruity choice. Luxurious strawberry sauce rippled through creamy real dairy ice cream.
Sidolis Caramel Sundae
Scrumptious sticky caramel sauce blended through delicious real dairy ice cream.
Celtic Crunch
Smooth creamy real dairy ice cream, sticky toffee sauce and honeycomb crunch.
Rocky Road
Rich chocolate real dairy ice cream infused with marshmallows and crunchy biscuit pieces.
Sidolis Candy Dessert
Real dairy vanilla ice cream topped with candy drops.
Sidolis Simply Vanilla
A classic taste of real dairy ice cream.
Sidolis Coconut Dream
A taste of the Caribbean. Coconut ice cream set in a real coconut shell.
Itailian Tiramisu
Creamy tiramisu ice cream dusted with coco powder. Over a moistened sponge base.
Our real dairy ice cream sundaes come with all the tastes of the Italian gelateria without any of the time consuming scooping and preparation. Simply just place the ready made sundae in the sundae glass, top off with whipped cream, extra sauce and a fan wafer. It is ready for your customer to enjoy in moments.