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Sidoli's Sensational 7even

13 August 2014

Here at Sidoli's we have offered our spoon in lid 125ml tubs for over 20 years. They are a popular product and can be found everywhere from local convenience shops to theatres.



We felt it was time to update the packing and give this popular product a new and fresh look. Even though we wanted to update the packing we stressed the importance that the new packing must incorporate our history and tradition, whilst still conveying the quality of the premium, award winning ice cream that we are.



With that we are pleased to announce that our new tub designs have arrived! We have increased the range by adding Honeycomb Crunch, and now consider this range to be our sensational 7even.



Along with adding a seventh flavour we also amended some of the existing flavours to offer our customer some of their Sidoli favourites in the convenient 125ml tub.



Mint Swirl has been dropped and we are now pleased to announce that our very popular Mint Choc Chip is now available!



Chocolate Swirl will now become Chocolate Indulgence, a real favourite with the chocoholics!



Finally Raspberry Swirl has been altered to Raspberry & Cream, a rich luxurious blend of raspberries and vanilla ice cream!




New spoon in lid tubs


We hope you all like the new designs and flavours, they'll be available soon!  #icecream #sidolis #icecreamasitshouldbe