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From Italy to South Wales, award winning ice cream since 1922

Moderate Rebrand

14 January 2014

You may, or may not have noticed, but over the whole of 2013  we’ve undergone a moderate rebrand. This decision was taken as we felt it was time to help re-identify the company, hopefully providing us with a stronger identity in very crowded and competitive market.


Our ultimate goal was to ensure our customers knew that they were purchasing one of our ice creams, whether it was directly from one of our own establishments, or whether it was from one of many independent suppliers.


Once we had taken the decision to freshen up the company’s image we needed some help, as obviously we specialise in manufacturing ice cream, not designing. This help arrived in the form of IWG, a local welsh graphic design company based in Ebbw Vale, just like us.


Whilst discussing the possibilities with IWG, we made it clear that the new design should try and incorporate as much of the company’s tradition and history as possible. After a few weeks and many proofs we finally arrived at what is now the company’s new identity, which can be seen on the majority of our vans, scoop pavement signs, flags, fridges and our new website.


We are very impressed with the work that IWG has produced in helping us rebrand the company. Early photos of the company, images of our traditional scooping ice cream on cones, rich colours and our previous logo have all been incorporated together intelligently to give our company its new image. We feel the new design portrays the company’s history, tradition and quality of ice cream very well, and hopefully you agree.



          Rebrand Image 1




          Rebrand Image 2